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The goal throughout this journey with you is to help you heal both mentally and physically, while giving back to those in need.

Seas the Yoga's owner, Nina, found yoga almost ten years ago as a last resort to manage her toughest challenge, a disorder called Hereditary AngioEdema. Don't know what it is? Don't worry; most ER doctors don't either. At the time, Nina's disorder was poorly managed, her anxiety was at its peak, and at just 21 years old, Nina felt as though she was in a hundred-year-old body.

As we all grew up hearing, it seems that mothers really are right. Nina's mother suggested yoga, and it was at that moment that she fell in love with the strength and relaxation it brought her. Seven years later, Nina, through the support of her family and friends, dedicated herself to Yoga Teacher Training.

With 300 Teacher Training hours under her belt and building her name in the yoga industry, she is beyond thankful to share her knowledge with you and welcome you to Seas the Yoga!

Along with pursuing her dream, Nina understands the importance of giving back to those in need. Every month, a minimum of 10% of the earnings from Seas the Yoga is given back to charities. If you'd like to know more, you can view the Giving Report in the tabbed menu. Nina's prayer is that, as the awareness of Seas the Yoga grows, she can increase donations to people, places, and organizations that need help the most.

Above all, remember to #seasthegood



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Alba G.

"I love going to Nina's classes and sweating out a long week. She is a patient, excellent teacher and is very understanding of one's needs. My favorite yoga teacher, hands down!"

Emily P.

"Being out on the water is such a wonderful experience. If you have never done yoga or SUP yoga before, Nina is great at making you feel comfortable with trying something new. I would highly recommend her for both beginners and advanced yogis! Love her and her classes!"

Natalie H.

"Sessions with Seas The Yoga are wonderful! Nina has a great energy and she is always motivating and encouraging! I can't wait for my next sessions with Seas the Yoga and to see how my practice grows."


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